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The end is the beginning of something else.
Understand what really ended and what could start?
Without understanding everything repeats itself...


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Trouble Time =Sade Sati 

Free detection

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 Sexy Yoga

Yoga for Inspiration

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Look at the stars and know yourself

Personal Horoscope or Janmakundali

Each person has one horoscope for life. It is like a diagnosis for us to understand what and why we have to do to solve our karma. 
We have come into this world at the perfect time and place for us to work out our karma.


It is a universal way that a person can start to develop himself first physically and later also mentally.  

Independent learning of Jyotish

Descriptions of planets or Gragas, etc

Ancient astrology lessons, basics for independent analysis of your horoscope.

There are at least two points of view for everything and always
Janus principle

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