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Principles of price and payment in astrology

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Principles of price and payment in astrology

As I already mentioned: For everything and always there are at least two points of view - the Janus principle, therefore, among astrologers there are also two approaches to determining payment for their services:
A specific amount of moneydetection of spent time (first base level).

2)Payment by donationsto an astrologer as his spiritual teacher (highest level for elite knowledge).
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The principle of paying a certain money amount is based on the fact that whatever knowledge and time the astrologer (astrologer) has spent learning the ancient knowledge and spending his time on it and spending the teacher's time and ultimately spending time transfer this knowledge to the client is must be evaluated at a certain level. The specific payment level (amount) for each student is determined individually, taking into account each person's abilities and social karma as a whole in each specific place (Saturn aspect).

It is very important to observe the law of the balance of the universe, which states that material growth in a person must be balanced with spiritual development, which brings and includes simplicity and asceticism in thoughts and actions.

If this principle of balance and knowledge of:
- getting to know yourself (the path of knowledge from external to internal through your partner and the deepest understanding of the principle - love your partner as yourself).

- society and its structure (from the homesteader to empires, which also include countries)

- management mechanisms both in relation to oneself and in relation to others (knowledge of management in pairs, groups, etc.)

- etc.

are used not to develop the society, but to subjugate and degrade it (the possibility of choice has been destroyed), then sooner or later this situation will lead to an internal conflict in the society, in which it will be necessary to "purify" again.
Sun Tzu's book "The Art of War" in the legend of the "Monkey King" directly addressed this situation, regarding the misuse of knowledge and material imbalance:

Conclusion - if a person is not ready to gradually invest in his knowledge about life, then too effective knowledge will harm him and society in general.



This payment system was mostly applied to the elite of astrologers, because their students came from the Kshatriyas (warriors), the Brahmins (ruler of the upper_states)  Priesteru) dzimtām un līdz ar to zināšanas par maksāšanas principu tika nodotas no paaudzes paaudzē._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
In this system, the student pays his Guru for knowledge not as much as the Guru is worth, but as much as the student is worth and as much as the knowledge gained is worth in practice. This mechanism of gaining knowledge is much more time-consuming and complicated, but this is how the advisors (Guru) of kings and generals received palaces and large estates as a reward for their knowledge. The stakes were of course the highest on both sides.
This principle was also well known in Europe and the most recognizable such teacher advisors are known in France where the king Louis XIII awarded by Cardinal "Reshillier" French - Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu (which we know from A. Dujama's book "The Three Musketeers"). The king rewarded him with both offices and estates. In England, an analogous "counselor" was Sir Francis Walsingham under Queen Elizabeth 1, also known more widely as "The Virgin Queen,  Gloriana" or Queen Virgin.

It should be noted that this knowledge requires a completely different view of life from a person and a completely different view of life, morality and the price to be paid to achieve the goal. The well-known principles of morality and the structure of life do not work here.

Today, taking into account a simple analogy, this situation would be such that the hypothetical "football" star, in order to understand some important aspect of his life and finally be able to make changes there, should pay such a large amount that it is essential in HIS mind, because only then he will delve into the essence of this knowledge .
The same knowledge will vary from person to person, not in amount as such, but in proportion to their income and wealth as such.

In Latvia, I know such level adviser is the popularly known "Shiva" and another whose name I will not reveal. There are many more such advisors in foreign countries, but they are always difficult to find because earning money is not their priority, although from the outside it often seems the other way around.

PS Let's take a look at the free video lectures and seminars below.

In our life, knowledge from others doesn't and won't come for free, and if someone feels different, let him start applying this knowledge in real life and then he will be convinced of the failures that repeat and repeat. It is for this reason that if you value some knowledge and want to start using it in practice, always try to pay for the knowledge - by buying a book, by buying a real license for a computer program that you use or find a way to donate to an author of a lecture who has posted a "free" lecture._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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