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Yoga is the path to perfection


One of the translations of the word Yoga from Sanskrit ischance, but it depends only on our free will and ability to control ourselves whether we will use this opportunity.


What are the possibilities for a person?
Most Popular  Yoga or opportunity- To achieve a set goal and in the end be happy with what you have achieved.

All people want to be happy, everyone dreams of it, everyone has their own happiness, often it is a feeling gained for a short time, which was lost again and we search for it again and again, fight for it and set new goals. We often forget that we should be happy with what we have and should be able to appreciate it, to understand that bad things also happen to us, we lose something and only after these experiences we start to realize again that we were actually happy before.


At school, we were taught how to solve tasks related to the physical or material world, but no one there taught us how to achieve happiness. But why teach happiness to children at school, if most of the teachers themselves are unhappy both about their salary and working conditions. 


The feeling of happiness in our consciousness is determined by our Karma, which is obtained from previous experiences and this feeling is different in every sphere of life. Often, we are prevented from achieving this feeling by the enormous tension and inability to look at the situation from the outside. To understand more precisely what I mean, please read the article about Teacher and Student:


The teacher took a glass of water and asked the students:
-How much do you think this glass weighs?
- About 200 grams - answered the students.
- As you can see, it weighs very little, - said the Teacher: - What will happen if I keep the glass on my hand for a few minutes?
- There will be almost nothing.
-OK good. If I keep this glass for several hours?
-Your hand will start to hurt.
-Right. If I keep this glass all day?
- Your hand will go numb and it can become paralyzed - answered one of the students.
- Very well, - continued the Teacher - but has the weight of the glass changed?
-Then where did the pain in the hand come from?
- From long-term tension, - answered the student.
-What should be done to get rid of the pain?
- Put down the glass, - followed the answer.
- The same thing happens with the problems of everyday life - exclaimed the Teacher. You will keep them in your head for a few minutes - this is normal. You will start thinking for several hours - you will start to feel pain. If you start thinking about those bad days, they will start to paralyze you and you won't be able to do anything else. To get rid of pain, you need to clear your head of problems.


Yoga is only one of the systems through which a person learns to tense up and relax in the moments when it is necessary - at first physically and only then in consciousness and in real life. 


Yoga, like any system that has passed the test of time (5,000 years), is subject to the laws of the evolution of the universe, so for a person to start trying to control thoughts and therefore life, it is firstmust learn control:
- Your physical body, in which all muscles must be used;

- Your diet, when food becomes energy;
- Own breathing technique, which is a step from the physical to the immaterial stage;
- The ability to concentrate and be calm, thus generating life energy.

Good luck and lots of willpower. 

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