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About Me as Vedic Astrologer

everything has a beginning

There is a time for everything

Everything has a natural conclusion.

One end is another's beginning.
You just have to understand, What really ended and What can start again?

Without understanding, everything repeats itself...


My practice of Vedic knowledge

I have been learning Vedic knowledge since 2006, learning both from my Guru and by studying independently and doing practical Vedic astrology research, checking and learning the truth of ancient knowledge in practice even today.

In everyday counseling, I can safely say that the external manifestations of human development are changing, but the inner essence of man has changed little over the past 5,000 years.  The regularities described in Vedic astrology, or Jyotish, work as if they were written yesterday, for modern humans and the intertwining of their karma and relationships.  

Practice has proven that Vedic knowledge is essential even today, and with the help of this link I will help you gradually discover it. 

Astrological knowledge was acquired in such countries as: Latvia, Canada, USA (online), Russia (online), India (online).

Vedic Astrologer and its attendance


Before a person chooses to visit an astrologer, he should think carefully about the question to be asked.

The more specific the question 

The more accurate the answer.


Let's remember that if a person goes to an astrologer, then he goes for the truth, which is mostly harsh, and the task of the astrologer is to point out problems, as well as recommend their "treatment" or solution. However, if a person is not ready to "see" his problems, then visiting an astrologer will be superficial and meaningless.


We advise you not to ask an astrologer: "What can you tell me about me?", because you can talk about each person for days  and the questioner is not ready to hear everything, so a good answer can only be given to those questions that he himself is ready to ask and hear the answer.


To apply for a consultation, you need to know the date of birth:

- Date, month, year
- Place (Country and City)
- Time (up to minutes)


From my studies at the Latvian Police Academy and from my work in the police, I noticed that 3 different people often have VERY different opinions about the same events. Only together with the most experienced colleagues and special knowledge was it possible to be so close to the truth of some objectivity.

There are at least two points of view for everything and always - the Janus principle

In astrology consulting, my specialization is in the following matters:

  • Sade Sati timing and situational analysis. Each person can have this time up to 3-4 times in their life, which is determined by astrological calculations based on the birth chart (moon location).

  • Choice of partners and their compatibility and analysis of the situation when choosing one of two or three;

  • Reasons for failure in choosing a partner from one extreme to the other (family karma).

  • Questions related to career, starting a business, work, career, selection of employees and mutual compatibility between employees, etc.;

  • Movement of people in Latvia or abroad;

  • Change of residence;

  • Travel (please ask before purchasing tickets);

  • Choosing the most favorable time for performing various important activities;

  • Recommendations when choosing a name for a child;

  • Real estate construction, purchase.

  • Purchase of a car and other means of transportation;

  • etc.

If the time of birth is not known, then in Vedic astrology there are the following methods of analyzing both the horoscope and the person himself:

1. The date of birth is taken as a basis, where Chandra Lagna (for positions of the moon in the horoscope) can be taken as a basis.

2. Prashna – providing an answer based on the moment the question was asked;

3. Methods of Hasta  Samudrika shastra, Pada Samudrika shastra and Mukha Samudrika shastra etc. or in simple words - a person is like an open book, a book that can be read by the palms, feet, face and body structure.

4. and other methods


!If the question is about the compatibility of the partnership, please find out the partner's data in time, so that during consultations you do not have to search for the partner's data on social networks ;) .
!If there are questions about problems in partnerships and one of the partners has children, please also prepare the children's birth data.

If you are ready for Vedic astrologer consultation, then write, call.




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