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Personal Horoscope 

Astrology - What exactly is it and how has it "survived" to this day?

Astrology studies the influence of the cyclical regularities of the planets on our lives, taking as a reference point the place and time of our birth dates, and for objects the beginning of creation (the first stone) and the end (the entrance to the house). Cyclicity in nature means the repetition of things according to a certain system, similar to days, seasons, years and generations, which also allows predicting events in human life with great accuracy.

Astrology has survived to this day only thanks to the leading elite, who continue to use the acquired knowledge in practice. In addition to the fact that the elite have always carefully calculated all their expenses - there has always been money for astrology and astrologers.

Only now, when modern technologies have developed to a sufficient extent, there is an opportunity to "open"   this window of knowledge to a larger number of people.

Horoscope as a learning map of this life.

These are all questions that we as children asked our parents and that our children ask us. It has been like this for thousands of years and nothing changes. Only the knowledge of what is "hidden" behind the "star code", which was previously reserved only for the chosen ones, is now slowly becoming known to the masses with the development of technology. 


     Time of birth is one of the things in life that we cannot and will not be able to change in this lifetime.  -136bad5cf58d_For thousands of years, based on this information, astrologers in all civilizations, based on calculations and observations, have created systems that determine the fate of a person and the major events in it. Astrology, as an unofficial science, is huge, so as in any such big science (analogous to medicine), each astrologer specializes in certain issues.

My specialization in astrology is in questions such_as:

  • Sade Sati timing and situational analysis. This time every person can have up to 3-4 times in life, which is determined by astrological calculations according to the birth chart (location of the moon).

  • Choice of partners and their compatibility and analysis of the situation when choosing one of two or three;

  • Reasons for failure in choosing a partner from one extreme to the other (family karma).

  • Questions related to career, starting a business, work, career, selection of employees and mutual compatibility between employees, etc.;

  • Human movement in Latvia or abroad;

  • Change of residence;

  • Travel (please ask before purchasing tickets);

  • Choosing the most favorable time for performing various important activities;

  • Recommendations when choosing a name for a child;

  • Real estate construction, purchase.

  • Purchase of a car and other means of transportation;

  • Karma analysis of the social environment or State structure, which is one of the most essential and therefore the most closed departments.

  • etc.


Of course, there are always new challenges and a process of improvement, but if I know a better specialist in a certain matter and there is a need, then I will recommend contacting the relevant specialist.
For example, in matters of health, I recommend contacting Gunas Vilks (see information in the astrologer price list section), because I do not deal with astrological disease diagnosis .


How is time analyzed in astrology?

1) In one curve or one thread (in ancient Greece it was called - Chronos or chronological) - The correct name in Sanskrit - Kali_cc781905-5cde-3193-6bb385cf51d_

2) Cyclic, which shows that events are cyclical and where events follow one after the other (in ancient Greece it was called Cycles). -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

3) The time characterizing the "Wave" event, or what is called Kairos in Greece.  In Sanskrit, the correct name is Mahakala. Historical determination of this wave of events, analysis, investigation of causes and consequences, decoding of common principles.

In warfare and business, this principle plays the most important role.


Determined in the horoscope in conjunction with Free Will.


Out of 12 zodiacs, 8 have a fixed situation of a planet being in its best or worst position, and in only 4 zodiacs no planet is "fixed" (not an exact translation, but there is no better) in any position. Mathematically, they are 25%.


Life spheres with a fixed or unfixed situation:

Personal Relationships (Fixed Karma)
Relationships with friends (free will)

Work and business relations (fixed karma)

Relationships with your teachers and knowledge givers (free will)

Kinship entanglements (fixed karma)

Relationship with children (free will)
Business or business relationship (fixed karma)

Relationships in places where we get resources (shopping places) and neighbors - (free will)


Choice in the Age of Kali Yuga or Iron Woman :


Out of all 12 zodiacs, only one is ruled by a non-living being and that is Libra, which means WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE to move forward in our lives.
Yes, this is also one of the tasks of family and life, to acquire such a large amount of knowledge about life in order to be able to make the right choice.
This regularity is also called - Either 2 or more or none, which is observed in practice a lot - 2 or more job offers, 2vi and several offers for building relationships.

Relationship and Horoscope Compatibility

Determining compatibility is one of the most complex and essential aspects of astrology. When finding your compatible partner, you need to know the areas you will need to work on to maintain a good relationship.  Even if you find a partner with almost perfect compatibility, it still won't get rid of the Karma that needs to be dealt with in a relationship.
Latvia has the largest number of divorces in Europe, and without finding out in which sphere the problems are to be solved, nothing will change. 

Compatibility of work or sports team

This is essential to achieving the   goals of a successful business or sports team. You have to remember that you have to get the best person just for you and not for everyone.
Coach Znarok gathered young but compatible guys and they achieved the result ;).

Personal Horoscope at birth

Each person has one horoscope for life. It is like a diagnosis for us to understand what and why we have to do to solve our karma. 
We have come into this world at the perfect time and place for us to work out our karma.

Work, Business Entrepreneurship

Work or what we do is the way we integrate into society and give society what it demands at a given moment.
The amount of work done does not necessarily mean that we will receive as much money as we want, because the amount of money we receive is only part of the payment for the work.

Child birth, naming and diagnosing problems
The birth of a child and its impact on parents and the whole family as a whole are often underestimated. It should be noted that the horoscope of an unborn child affects parents already in the last trimester, and the influence is even greater with the moment of birth.
It is also essential to give the child a name according to his horoscope.

National Horoscopes

National and world horoscopes must be known by every astrologer who wants to predict the further future in a person's location, because only by knowing national horoscopes is it possible to answer the question why people with the same horoscopes in different countries receive completely different "fruits of Karma"

Credit = Buying money


When astrologically analyzing the potential of taking loans, you should look at how the 6th bhava (house) feels and where the manager of this house is located, if it feels good then there will be few obstacles to returning the loan. In addition to this, it should be noted that this same bhava (house) represents - diseases, subjugated work, slavery, prison conflicts, etc.

We all know that Banking is a business, but most people do not realize what it iswhich Banks sell?
Banks sell money, where we pledge real property value and a commitment to return the money within a certain period.
Borrowed money is energy that a person "borrows" from his future to realize things in the present. In general, people's horoscopes are relatively little in favor of taking loans, so that they can repay them without any particular problems. In order to fully answer the topic "Credit", it is also necessary to look at what money is.

So money is one of the material manifestations of energy (in Sanskrit - प्रान: or Prana). This means that when you borrow money, you are actually borrowing energy, because you don't have enough of your own energy at a given moment in life. Therefore, a person taking a loan exceeds his energy potential  at a given moment.

Such a situation is usually compared to running a marathon. If a person is used to running 16 km, but suddenly decides to run 32 km without training or preparation. Maybe this distance will be run, but maybe not. But to be safe, ask those who regularly run such distances.

Those who go to the gym will probably better understand the example with weight lifting: usually in training you lift a heavy weight of 50 kg, but now (taking credit) you decide to lift 100 kg. Maybe you'll pick it up, maybe not. If you don't have people around you to support you in this weight lifting, then this bar will simply crush you with all its weight.


In addition, during both of these above mentioned processes, you can injure yourself and in any case, it will be a stress on your body, which can lead to serious diseases. For a person in such a situation, it is a very strong stress, because if the money is not returned, the money already invested will be lost, as well as the object for which the money was borrowed. Here is another point that people usually do not think about when taking a loan for a long time. Who can be sure of what will happen in 20 minutes or 20 days? It turns out that the person who takes the loan is a seer.


It is clear that, for example, an apartment is needed now, not in 30 years, and here it will be impossible to live without a loan, but the bank will have to pay for it, because you are buying the bank's money. In fact, you are buying energy, and for the current need of the apartment, you will pay much more than its actual value.


Credit should be considered an extreme situation caused by a person's desire to live beyond their means at a given moment, and it must be paid for - not only with money, time, restriction of free will, but also with nerves and health.


Therefore, the recommendation:
Save your health and return credits to their owners as soon as possible.


Inspired by:о-кредитах-и-займах


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