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Sade Sati or 7.5 years

“Sade sati jeb Karma Exams for 7.5 years once every 28 years"


… or that is when a person comes to an astrologer. What is it?


These time periods that last 7.5 years are for each person and in the best case 3 times.


75% people go to an astrologer precisely during Sade Sati, because that is the moment when we take the "Karma exams".


The planet that regulates karma is Saturn, so it is this planet with its characteristics that will determine the events of this period. It should be taken into account that Saturn is the farthest planet that we can see from the earth with the naked eye - So the extreme and decisive...


Sade Satithe first stage – an exam in relationships, sex, mysticism, spending and discipline in these spheres. Illusion and its realization.

Sade Satithe second stage – self-discipline, health care, communication with relatives and business partners, service to society. Golden stage.

Sade Satithird stage – Spending money (accounting and accounting), feelings in the family, relationship with mother, disciplining children.


For womenmajor exams are:
- family;

- relationship.
Butfor menthe biggest tests during this period are:
- In work, career or issues related to status;

- In terms of income (money turnover) and among friends;


Sade Satilaws:

- Everything that begins also ends Sade Satiortransforms;
For women who have children up to the age of 16, Sade Sati takes over the child;
- If the man is the main money earner, then the husband's Sade Sati also leaves a great impression on the whole family, especially on the financial sphere.


Find outfreeor:
- Sade Sati will begin for you;
- You will run out of Sade Sati;

- How long until the end of Sade Sati?

- Does your child (younger than 16 years old) undergo Sade Sati;
- Does the husband (partner) undergo Sade Sati.


In the seminar we will look at:

- How to prepare for these stages?

- What is the "great karmic exam" that we have to pass?

- 2.5 year period nuances and best times;

- Real examples of horoscopes



In the scenes, when sade sati ends, Schlesser left politics;

Madonna earned her biggest hits while divorcing husband Guy Ritchie; 

A very well-known gambling magnate in Latvia, who sold his business at that time, got almost all possible material benefits, but did not pass the "Karmical Exam" for his health (his heart failed).


Popular people who also go by Sade Sati:


Nils Ushakov(Mayor of Riga) - 

In the horoscope, Chandra (Moon) is in Tula (Libra) and Shani (Saturn) is in transit in the 2nd house, which is responsible for speech feelings in the family  (married and had a son).


Andris Biedrins(Basketball player) - Sade sati started on October 3, 2014.

We are watching the result


Donald Trump
Real estate mogul and candidate for the presidency of the United States.


Vladimir Solovyov (Владимир Соловьёв)
The most popular representative of intellectual propaganda in Russia, who gained the most popularity on TV and Radio during Sade Sati (the last 5.5 years).

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