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Laura Vanag-Mickevičascooperation feedback

Aug. 31 2014


I will introduce! Vedic Astrologs Jānis Riežnieks! Such people are called - a digger or someone who searches and finds answers to the apparently unknown. We have known Jānis for three years and I am glad from the bottom of my heart that I have the honor of knowing him!

On a daily basis, Jānis advises people on various issues that include both work and private life. When I went to Jānis for a consultation for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised at how open and giving a person I don't know can be! Instead of answers, I received serious food for thought about how I want to live in the future and an explanation of my current situation. The transformation of consciousness began with a series of events that I had chosen myself. Ha!

As with everything that happens, the date of the Conversation evening was not chosen by chance. It was never chosen by chance! This time, too, Jānis carefully approached this issue and we must admit that August 21 turned out to be very good! There was a feeling that on this date people got out of bed with the "right foot" and were open to everything that Jānis would share. Mostly we all knew each other and it was easy. The atmosphere is pleasant and there are many questions!

I will briefly introduce the stopping points that Jānis emphasized at the Talks evening. First of all, many relationships will surface, something hidden and unknown, sex scandals, hidden agreements related to work, conflicts, loans, bank affairs, etc. Similarly, calculating relationships will pay their dues, so everyone must be clearly aware of what he gives and what he receives.

During this time, the guiding aspect of Guru (which feels best right now) will be important until next July and children born this year will be especially gifted, their parents will also do well. Guru symbolizes intelligence, wisdom of life and it means that the future will call for learning new knowledge and skills. Relations with mothers will significantly improve, but even more significantly improve relations with husband's mothers, because the mother-in-law's wife has karma in its pure form. And vice versa. Mothers who raise children alone will find a partner who will accept and raise her child as his own.

Many families will come together and the reason may be different honors. Guru will let you understand the meaning of home and family traditions. Mystical planet Rahu will bring new breezes to the partnership. Ex-partners will get excited and make themselves felt. Those women who regularly cheat on their partners - be careful, because there is a very high possibility that you will be caught and have to pay more than you wanted or expected. Men, on the other hand, should beware of overworking, which can lead to an absolute reluctance for intimacy. In addition, the psychological addiction to watching porn movies can start to cause significant damage to family life.

In this, Jānis advises to be careful with data protection, as hackers will be especially attentive - data security is on separate hard drives and disconnected from the Internet. In conflicts, one should be very pragmatic, because emotions will create additional misunderstandings and new conflicts. Workers - join the unions while you can because the first conflicts have already started. For those who plan to take out loans - READ the fine print, because it's the most interesting!

We ended the evening of talks with a dose of humor to look at things pragmatically and accept tomorrow as it will be!

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Review by Ira T...

Sept. 6 2014

The first feeling after the meeting - a lot of energy is released, there is a certain mix of clarity about today and faith in tomorrow, as well as awareness where the invested efforts pay off most clearly. The most valuable thing is that the conversation is mutual, filled with respect and oriented towards my readiness to receive certain information and act on it. It is a conversation about my life - easy, fluent and analytical. After it, it is possible to put the most important and real in the foreground, easily discarding what appeared to be a sliver or an important detail. The main lesson is that miracles do not happen and no one will take care of my life for me. However, with the information received, it is easier to distinguish the effects from the causes and gain confidence in where it is worthwhile to invest your energy. Thank you!


Review by Sonora Vaice

Sept. 7 2014

I can say that when I got to know Jānis, I got to know a smart, capable and kind friend, even though we only met in real life for about half a minute :))))))

Of course, this is only possible in this century, thanks to the Internet and the telephone. There is a feeling that Jānis himself has come to this life to explore, understand the order of things, organize himself to an even higher level of the soul and is ready to sensitively and understandingly help find an insight or a solution for those who are ready to learn and make their lives more pleasant and stable. . Jānis does not limit himself to pointless fact findings or judgments. Instead, it offers to find a gap in the rock that leads to the best way out of the situation. With its non-traditional point of view, it draws attention to things whose cultivation or abandonment raises the quality of life to a new level and clarity.

Jāni, good luck to you and your page, as well as to all those with whom you will be willing to share your knowledge!


Ieva Bikava's review

8 Sept. 2014


By nature, I am a very conservative, rational and practical being, and the first time I met Jānis on the evening of the talks, I was quite skeptical. But after a short while, my skepticism and disbelief were replaced by a genuine researcher's interest and desire to learn more. It was such a surreal feeling - because Jānis gave answers to the questions that were in my mind, but which I did not say out loud, and the answers were like directions, like a road map. 
I admit that I'm a complicated person because I want to get directions and answers, but I don't want to be like an open book and I soooo hate it when someone tries to rain on my soul. For once, Jānis is the person with whom it is very easy and free to communicate - now I know what a "smart" person means! 
Jānis and Laura inspired me a lot for new challenges and thanks to these two people, I understand what it means to live with an open mind, I don't know how long our paths will go side by side, but I know - that these two people are the teachers of my life!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


Review by Yvette K

Sept. 12 2014


      I was interested in learning about Vedic astrology and meeting Jānis based on the feedback of an acquaintance. After the first meeting, I was full of thoughts. It turns out that the events around me are not going to work out just the same. To be in harmony with yourself and those around you, to feel satisfied with life, you must observe self-discipline, learn patience and understanding. In the evenings of talks, I gain confidence that a lot can be achieved, you just have to do everything step by step and purposefully. It is important for me that I know that Jānis will be reachable if I need advice. Important - Jānis does not give a ready answer, rather he makes her come up with an action plan by herself. On those few occasions, I have come up with surprising answers. I am sure that at the right time we meet people who help us become wiser in life. At this stage of my life, I draw wisdom with the help of John. Thank you :)

Kristine Geidāne's review

Sept. 12 2014


My acquaintance with Jānis was not accidental! I'm sure of that, because over the past years, many nice, open and smart people have come my way! Like all of us, Homo sapiens, I was bothered by some questions to which I could not find answers, so I decided to meet with Jānis in one small consultation! Our conversation turned out to be much longer than I thought! Jānis was direct, but fair, open, and what I especially liked, he didn't "drive by the ears"! I was blown away, if I may say so! Got me thinking! I was given a direction, but it was my choice to move towards it or not! My responsibility was to listen, analyze and perform/not perform specific actions. I am grateful to Jānis that he never refused some purely practical advice from his experience, for example about changing eating habits, etc. Jānis inspires! With your understanding, your passion, your example!

May everything succeed for you, Jāni!


Review by Jan Yevseyev

18 Sep 2014

     "There is a question - there is an answer!" - a thought that I have probably already adopted into my everyday life after the conversation with Jānis. No matter how annoying it is, sometimes Life throws at the very questions to which it is difficult to come up with an answer yourself... or maybe you don't want to... or a million more reasons why... Then a conversation with Jānis is the opportunity and time to receive the right answers and most importantly - "what to do next!" It remains only to wish and work for things and events around us to change. After all, I got the fishing rod - it remains to catch a fish! :)

May we all succeed!

Agnes A's review

Oct. 1 2014


I went to Jānis' lectures in the Yoga room "Savitriji" and to meet him in the winter - the coldest and darkest time in my life as well... During the meeting, the most important thing was that he showed me where to find the real answers. Something like this - "Hello, here is the heart and here they are!" And that's what you have to feel first and what you can count on." It was the beginning of the journey to self. It was not easy to accept his knowledge, suggestions and live them, but it is still more beautiful to feel and see how life changes! There is one more thing that made me see myself during the meeting, but the words do not come to formulate it in life... I found it in the title of a chapter of a book: "Expressing the unspeakable: silences between words". Silence. It wasn't like when you unplug a roaring refrigerator, but the kind of silence that speaks...

Characteristics of the provided information - millimeter accuracy!

Review by Linda Z

9 Oct 2014

I have known Jānis for several years and I usually come to him when it seems that there is no way out. And in those moments, Jānis looks at the map with his characteristic lightness and intelligence and names things by their proper names, without giving himself the opportunity to feel sorry for himself. A visit to Jānis could be described as a visit to an old friend and at the same time as a dome prism that opens the picture to the present, the future. I can whisper that I have also visited other astrologers, but I have caught myself doing things that Jānis recommended. And every next time we meet, it's like a continuation of the movie. The things that you have seen and realized in yourself the previous time, grow into a new stage of development and there is Jānis by your side, who, like a good friend - the Mirror - does not flatter, does not complicate, reflects a very real You and gives insights for the solution of the situation!

Review by Gerogin Markov (English)

Yoga instructor (taught in English).

15 Oct 2014


I've been to many astrologers over the years, and I can say that Janis is exceptional. Of course, he is very knowledgeable and talented at reading the charts, but he is also deeply intuitive, perceptive and excellent at reading people. He seems to see beyond the superficial and quickly gets straight into the core of a person. This enables him to make extremely accurate statements about the person's current life situation, as well as predictions and advice about how they should best proceed. He gets straight to the point, and is not afraid to make unsettling or provocative statements if it's what the person needs to hear. However, speaking with Janis is like speaking with an old friend, someone you can trust, and someone you feel open and at ease with. His advice comes with a large dose of wisdom, intelligence, empathy and deep emotional and intuitive awareness. He pinpointed my life situation with great accuracy, and all of his predictions came true. He seems to genuinely care about a person's welfare, and he speaks truthfully and from the heart. He is not out for commercial gain, but rather to help people as they navigate their way through their own unique and sometimes tricky life paths. I am grateful that I met Janis, and would certainly return to him for future readings.


Janis: Yes, I do consultations in English

Review of Santa Reubens

28 Oct 2014

Jānis is an excellent and precise explainer of people's life path. I like his cool approach, inner peace and serious look in his eyes when he reveals his opinions about people, their attitude towards life and things. Jānis has a clear view of the structure of the cosmos, so his narration and interpretation of things is deep, true, without fear. It introduces trust and reliance, first of all - on yourself and your abilities ;)

Ilze S's review


Nov 22, 2014

Vi hitter, hilser og sier farvel til mange mensenker i dette livet, men det er noen som alltid vil ha en plass i ditt hjerte og alltid vil være tilstede evena hvor ofte man møtes eller prates. Det er de som tegner med STORE BOKSTAVER og man setter pris på de med hele ditt HJERTE. I had my first conversation with Jânis about 2 years ago. I was surprised that I opened my eyes for våre discussioner and I felt that I was 100%. Våre discustioner var rett frem - med den harde sannheten blandet inn. Det satte jeg stor pris på da dette ikke ga meg noen false illusjoner eller håp om hva som kunne hende. Våre santerver gyorde at jeg möte se på meg selv fra different perspectives og ga meg mange ting å tenke igjæm. Etter å ha førget å gårður livet i 2 år hadde jeg ett stort behoh for å prate med han iggen. Jeg visste ikke om han ville ha tid og hvor travel han er, så jeg sente en message og sener fikk jeg en telefon. Han hadde tid til meg akkurat når jeg prædet det mest. Det var godt å prate med han iggen – enkelt, osmorgsfullt og fuljälende. I feel sorry for you ydmykhet and thank you for denne timen hvor jeg kunne dele mine ankeringer og skård , og ogås få en sterk og ånår tygkemelding fra Jânis. Kunnskap, lærdom, wisdom, omsorg, kjælt for lifet og manerbo rundt – alt er der, det er den han er. Verden blir ett lysere sted når jeg vet det finnes menskens som Jânis, og det konzerer meg til å bli ett bedre menskens og dele hva jeg har med de som finnes rundt meg. Takk for at du deler din tid, knowledge, perspective på lifet, gode spøker og positive energi med meg!

Review by Zane J (German)

10. mar 2017


I've known Janis for almost 10 years. Wir haben zusammen beim einem Projekt gearbeitet. Schon damals habe ich memerkt, das Janis überlegt mehr wie andere, sieht mehr wie andere und sagt mehr wie andere. Das war eigentlich ein Überasschung für mich, wo ich vor umgefähr 5 Jahren mitbekommen habe, das er sich so sehr über Astrologie interessiert. Und das er so viel Zeit investiert Leute, Leben und Beziehungen zu analisieren. Ich gehöre auch zu den Menschen, die wollen manchmal Leben leichter nehmen, Sachen einfacher machen, obwohl das nicht immer klappt. And Janis hat mir oft geholfen mit Rat, mit Wahrheit mit Situations erklärung. So könnte ich auch meine "Krach" Situatione im Leben überschpringen. Bei Janis hilft oft einfach ein Geschpräch, das gibt Mut und Selbstbewusst. Ich kann Konsultation bei ihm nur empfehlen.

Review by Kristine K

22 Oct 2017


Man-cosmos. A man from God. A man from another time and dimension. Yes..It's about you-Jani. Everything started in the fall of 2014. I was sitting in our family's house, which had just been bought, which was currently under renovation and there was a single soft lounge chair in the middle of the room. What for? For me, a pregnant woman who was expecting twin boys, it was difficult to move, but I wanted to observe everything from the outside, even very much. Hmm..and on which date to move in? I decided to ask the all-knowing google for advice. And then, I don't know why, I came across the Vedic astrologer Jānis Riežniekus. I found the fix on Facebook. I wrote my question, although I didn't expect an answer at all. I expected! And quickly. As far as I remember, it wasn't long before we started contacting each other by calling. We repaired the house, moved in on the date and time that Jānis had recommended. The husband asked one day - Let's get married? Let's get married! With Jānis, we found the best date and even time. Jānis' words are still so vivid in my memory: "I'm watching here... well, don't get divorced, live. Only from time to time it's healthy for a husband to "get on his nerves"! for prevention, so to speak! We really are a happy family! Of course, not because of the specific date, but also the fact that Jānis has helped me grow..grow my body and spirit to develop. But it didn't end there... With the help of an acute emperor, my boys were born. Everything was planned in my mind! This is how we will all have a happy time together a few days in the hospital, how are we going to go home, how are we going to meet my sister, how are we going to go for long walks... all this, of course, happened... but not at once. Thank you "cosmos" that nurtures people's minds. You will never plan anything without the "upper" finger . Wanted? We won't! Let's be patient. The next day the pediatrician comes and says - both babies have infections, specialists are coming after your children from the nearby perinatal department. The children will be taken away. But you wait, recover, regain your strength. How? How to do it does when in such a brutal way Te Your closest people are taken away..Your flesh and blood. Two days later I was in the same hospital where my children were. The eldest son was not doing well. The youngest one was fighting for his life from the lead to the lead. I was not promised anything. The situation was very difficult..I cried for days and nights. And sometimes I just lost my mind. No one could help me. Not for the youngest son medicine, absolutely nothing helped. The situation only worsened day by day. Desperately asking..looking for help. And You, John, is my savior, my man from God. My hope... Only with your help, I can let that little ray of sunshine into everything bad. Even before the doctors made the diagnosis, you told me where to look for the fault. You know how to set a person on the right course. My boys are 2.5 years old. We can do anything. The youngest has a severe diagnosis, but in a relatively mild form, and another one is approaching. Thanks to your teachings, I have learned to be strong. We each have our own karma. We each have our own gratitude for what we have done.
Thank you!

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