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On Jyotish or Vedic Astrology

What does the horoscope show?


• Janmakundali or Horoscope a person has only one for his whole life. Everything that has been and will be is there, in this way the present, the past and the future meet. It is like the rudder of a ship, because by changing our consciousness we change the situation around us.

• With the passage of time, corrections are made in the horoscope – birth of a child, marriage, joining an organization, etc.

• For the country – Entry or inclusion in the "Higher structure"  USSR, EU, etc.

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology


Jovtish is the science of the position of the Grahas (planets) in the sky, it is an exact science, not guesswork or divination. In general, it consists of many different sciences, thus it is a way to understand Jovtir vidya (to understand the light (Brahmana)). Joytish is essentially a science of causes and includes many different directions:

•The first direction of Jovtish is chnola (astronomy). Astronomy has never existed as an independent science, it has meaning only if it is a material used in astrology, and earlier it was the only reason for its existence.

•The second section Ganita. It deals with calculations;

•Prashna - a system that allows you to give an answer to any question asked (the one where the answer is determined after the question is asked);

•Muhurta - a science that allows you to read the time when you would perform various activities in life (eg, buying a car, etc.);

•Jataka Joytish it is a horoscope which is compiled at the time of birth. It is also called janma kundali or janma patrika.

•Nadi – A very esoteric direction with VERY few specialists.

Differences between Western and Vedic Astrology


• In Western astrology, we use other reference points, or reference degrees differ by 20 units.

• In Vedic astrology, horoscope analysis uses:
- Sankya Shastra or Numerology;
- Prashna – providing an answer to the moment the question is asked;
- Analysis of ancient treatises: Raja Yoga, Arthashastra, etc.
- Hasta samudrika Shastra (handline reading), Mukla samudrika shatra etc. (Geographic terrain for the country);
- Vargas - horoscopes for individual spheres of life;
- Vashtu shastra;
- Muhurta – determination of the start time of the planned event and analysis of this event;
- Meditation and Thiana;
- Etc.

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