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Nakshatras – stars and star clusters. Located inside the constellations (Rashi) each 13 degrees and 20 minutes.


  • In Vedic mythology, a deity's wife is his Shakti or power. The Nakshatras are the wives of Chandra (Moon) so show his various powers. With Abhijit there are 28 Nakshatras.

  • The Nakshatra in which Chandra is placed governs all events at that time. Therefore, this nakshatra is considered to be the ruling one during the tani period (day). The Nakshatra is responsible for the course of the event, the development that has been initiated at this time.

  • Nakshatras have different characteristics and characteristics, so each nakshatra is suitable and auspicious for certain actions and things. If the intended thing or event does not coincide with the energy of the nakshatra, then the event will have obstacles and the opposite effect.


Nakshatra padas and navamshas

Each nakshatra consists of four padas (parts), where each pada is 3°20'. The padas of the twenty-seven nakshatras make up the Cosmic constants number 108 (27×4=108).
Each pada exactly coincides with the navamsa of the respective constellation (division into 9 parts – one navamsa is also 3°20'). The nine padas, like the nine navamshas, have a total of 30° and form one constellation. With the 9th navamsa (and 9th pada) the first constellation ends - Mesha, followed by the next constellation - Vrishabha, which also begins with the 1st navamsa and ends with the 9th navamsa, etc.


Power and Influence of Nakshatras


(1)  Nakshatra's sphere of activity or influence is related to:

  • Nakshatra Deities

  • Nakshatra shaktis

  • Nakshatra symbol

(2)  The power of a nakshatra directly depends on how it feels:

  • Chandra (Moon) well placed in a nakshatra is even more important than the placement of the nakshatra (obviously if the nakshatra is not directly opposite the action)

  • Nakshatra lord – Graha (planet)

  • Chandra Significator (Rashi Host)

(3)  Nakshatra manifestation, type of manifestation depends on:

  • Nakshatra Ruling Grahas (Planets)

  • of the lord of the rashi (constellation).

  • Nature


Dhruva – fixed


Dhruva nakshatras. It means – fixed, stable, permanent. 4-Rohini, 12-Uttara Phalguni, 21-Uttara Ashadha, 26-Uttara Bhadrapada.Beneficial:

  • for crowning,

  • for building cities,

  • for sowing, tree grafting and

  • for other things calculated for a lasting result.


Mridu – gentle


Mridu nakshatras or gentle, soft nakshatras. 5-Mrigashirsha, 14-Chitra, 17-Anuradha and 27-Revati.Beneficial:

  • for wearing new clothes,

  • learn dance, music, art.

  • favorable for intimate relationships and

  • for performing auspicious ceremonies.


Kshipra - easy


Laghu kshipra nakshatras or quick and easy nakshatras. 1-Ashvini, 8-Pushyami and 13-Hasta.Everything that gets here happens very quickly.

  • any quick actions, to deliver or receive something quickly, to sell quickly, to buy quickly.

  • Good for pleasure,

  • sports competitions,

  • start taking medicine or start treatment,

  • start a business

  • start a trip to buy a car.


Chara – moving


Chara or moving nakshatras. 7-Punarvasu, 15-Swati, 22-Sravana, 23-Dhanistha, 24-Shatabhisha.They are most favorable for dynamic activities.

  • best nakshatras for business, what quick actions should bring maximum result.

  • for the purchase of transport and travel

  • for gardening


Tikshna - sharp


Tikshna or sharp, terrible or daruna nakshatras. 6-Ardra, 9-Ashlesa, 18-Dzhest and 19-Mula.Beneficial:

  • for spells, summoning spirits,

  • for confinement in prison,

  • murders,

  • for separation from friends.


Ugra - cruel


Ugra or cruel nakshatras. Ugra – means terrible. 2-Bharani, 10-Magha, 11-Purva Phalguni, 20-Purva Ashadha and 25-Purva Bhadrapada.These are very unpleasant nakshatras that bring negative results at the domestic level:

  • vile plans

  • poisoning and arson

  • for deception, fraud

  • imprisonment

  • other evil deeds


Mishra – mixed


Mixed nakshatras – sharp and soft at the same time. 3-Krittika and 16-Vishakha.They have the characteristics of both sharp and soft nakshatras, can perform daily, routine tasks.

Information republished from:

KRS Channel

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