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Explanation in English

Ashwini nakshatra


ASHWINI (In translation horse. The horse is a symbol of Aswini - a symbol of power, influence..)

Symbol –  Horse head

The goal is dharma

Animal – Horse

Graha – Ketu

Deva - twins Aswini.

Shakti - Fast Delivery


Description of the day: 


ASWINI professions:horse and carriage dealer (machine dealer, mechanic), managers, drivers, doctors, merchants, people associated with beauty, those associated with weapons


Description for a person born under the influence of this nakshatra:


Chandra (Moon) Aswini - for these people everything happens slowly, they have a beautiful appearance, good manners, love ornaments, luxury, artistic in work, good intellect. For these people, horses are a great passion and  a horse is a symbol of power, influence, as a result, all these tendencies are expressed in a person with all the following qualities - they make decisions quickly, bring luck to others, move quickly, have the ability to find themselves in the right place at the right time, has healing abilities, it's good to be a doctor - gives a person the ability to find medicine at the right moment. People who have Chandra (Moon) in Aswini nakshatra look younger than their years, have a tendency towards army, war affairs and aggressiveness, therefore; also relationship problems. The process of regeneration can be started right in this nakshatra - it will give lOO good effect. They have more divine qualities than demonic or human. 

Aswini nakshatra is ruled by Shiva and Surya (Sun), so if any graha (planet) gets there, it takes on Shiva's qualities - destroys to teach.


Explanation Russian audio 

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