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Explanation of KRS Chanel

Bharani nakshatra


BHARANI(In translation, Bharani - that which carries on itself. Bharani comes from the word "bhaga" Bharani - birth, when the ego arises)

Symbol -  Several symbols, one of them the yoni, specifically the womb. The second symbol is the mother elephant.

The goal is artha.

Animal – Mother Elephant

Graha –  See (Shukra)

Deva - yama - god of death. Yama translates to "controller"

Shakti – Endurance, transformation through suffering


Description of the day:

BHARANI Professions: Feeds others with flesh and blood and eats it themselves, cruel people, profession related to cruelty, crimes, putting in jail, punishing others, beating, killing, money changing, financier, accountant, without character, people dishonest, work related with burial, actors, musicians, dancers, artists, hunters, criminals


Description for man, who is born under the influence of this nakshatra: Chandra Baharani - successful in work, capable, truthful, free from diseases and experiences. This is an erotic nakshatra, which is also confirmed by the symbol of the nakshatra - Yoni (female genital organ and symbol of birth), so the person has these characteristics.

Aswini is the unconscious impulse to everything, but Bharani gives the impulse directly in the direction of birth and creation. A person's birth is his first step towards death, so the Yama deva "drive" in consciousness makes a person a good psychologist who sees more and through other dimensions. Bharani is ruled by Shukra, although it is considered a difficult nakshatra, because Shukra was also the Guru of the Asuras (demons), who gained knowledge from the bottom up, or from life experience to God. Asuras have big egos and these people will be taught through the sufferings associated with the ego. Bharani in the nakshatra - a person very durable like a marathon runner, there will be many problems, which will also be solved with durability in conflicts. There are many restrictions in life so that the ego does not get attached to anything. Problems in life, but good in sex and with one permanent partner with whom .


Bharani is in a manushva - human nakshatra, which means that this person will have more human qualities than divine or demonic. In relation - devi nakshatra better than asuri nakshatra.

Shakti is endurance, not a luxury, but a necessity and a tool. In the degrees of this Nakshatra, Shani (Saturn) is in nīcha (worst position), which means that this is a difficult incarnation, bad, difficult events in life, there will be a lot of self-discipline. In order to see the sphere of suffering more accurately, one should look at the horoscope of finding Shani.


Landing of any graha in this nakshatra means problems in that spheres - Graha and the ruling bhavas (houses) of the graha. Bharani limits options and teaches man in harsh form.
The key to solving problems related to any graha Bharani is sexual energy or kundalini. Therefore, such people are mostly very sexual. Transit of Grahas through this nakshatra gives strong result on all people. 

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