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Sade Sati or karmic exam time
June 15, 18:30, Talinas iela 71 (Balta pirts)



75% people go to an astrologer exactly during Sade Sati, because that is the moment when we take the "Karma Exams"7.5 years long, once every 28 years.


Sade Sati first stage – exam in relationships, sex, mysticism, spending and discipline in these spheres. Illusion and its realization.

Sade Sati second stage – Self-discipline, health care, communication with relatives and business partners, service to society. Golden stage.

Sade Sati third stage – Spending money (accounting and accounting), feelings in the family, relationship with mother, disciplining children.


For women the major exams are:
- family;

- relationship.
But the biggest tests for men during this period are:
- In work, career or issues related to status;

- In terms of income (money turnover) and among friends;


Labyrinths of consciousness. 9 principles.

25 May 2017 year 18:30, Tallinas iela 71, Riga, Latvia


Insight into the seminar:
1) Our ancestors are always with us and we are a part of our ancestors' karma. How did it work in practice and how does it affect our idkien?
2) Can we predict our own future?
3) Three dominant main themes:
- Safety;
- Food;
- Sex.
4) How do we react when faced with a great choice?
5) Our memories are an illusion. Why?
6) How do we make decisions? Consequences of conscious and unconscious decisions, their regularities.
7) The mind instinctively makes excuses. No matter what we have done, we are always looking for something to blame those around us.
9) Guidelines for a stable relationship.


Application: Laura Vanaga, 26 448 720,
The number of places is limited.



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