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Relationship - Partnership - Compatibility


The issue of relationships is what we have come to deal with in this life on this planet and whether we want to influence or not want to influence those around us is unimportant because we interact anyway. Yes, most people do not want to know the laws of interaction, but this does not exempt them from the consequences, which often turn out to be suffering in which we do not want to see regularities.

The most popular spheres of relationships:

  • Private life;

  • Business.

  • Relations with relatives;

  • Relationship with supervisor, foreman or teacher.


Private life and partner compatibility

It is the private sphere of relationships that gives or takes away most of the energy in our lives for both women and men. Our ability   to be successful in business or to earn material benefits at work also greatly depends on the ability to navigate (understand regularities) in private relationships. Accepting the fact that it is necessary to learn and not to suffer and suffer in this relationship (in principle, love is suffering and sacrifice) we can best discover the beautiful regularities of life that make life colorful and especially interesting, which of course leads to the desire to live and understand life.

Paradoxes in relationships:


Women mostly want stability in their relationships, but when there is a chance to get it, they do everything to destroy this chance. Can they explain it to themselves logically - No. But it is precisely the fear of the truth that drives away from answers and makes you look for rational excuses for what happened. Without advice, when a woman makes a choice between two or more partners, her mind imagines it as it is or fills it with hopes to change both the situation and her, that the decision made is mostly wrong.


Men in relationships mostly want an equal partner who will bring luck, support in achievements and understanding in life issues, but after time realizes that he has fallen into the same family relationship traps as his parents with similar problems. Yes, the external format will be different, but the principles will not change, regardless of whether 1 or 5 partners will be changed.

Improvements in the sphere of relationships happen only after understanding the situation, gaining knowledge and changing karma (actions that separate cause from effect).


The compatibility of partners diagnoses faster the spheres of life in which additional work will have to be done and good compatibility will still not get rid of each individual Karma that a person has to deal with during his life. The best thing is that with the help of knowledge   during a person's individual karmic tasks, our partner does not sabotage life without knowing it and wanting only the "best".

The dramatic statistics of divorces and large company bankruptcies in Latvia prove our big problems in the sphere of partnerships. On top of that, we have the highest divorce rate per 1,000 inhabitants in Europe, but the best news is that it is where the "pressure" is that the best solutions can be found.  


How and can you find the right one?

Here, the question must be asked immediately - How much has a person invested in understanding partnerships in his family, neighborhood and in general? What regularities have been found, observed and understood, how much have we talked about relationships with parents and grandparents, are we able and willing to hear an opinion about the regularities of relationships from the outside - both by reading in books and asking advisors?


If we hope to understand only the chemical reaction that will occur in our body and call it love, hormones, passion or something else, then we may have to pay dearly for finding out the truth about what exactly the body reacted to. Horoscopes are individual, which means that reactions to true love are different and we cannot attribute love to all the interesting things that happen in the body about love.

In practice, I am very happy about a person's desire to understand compatibility and the lessons it will bring before the relationship has become serious, but mostly I have to work with the consequences when emotional and hopeful decisions were made by both women and men.


Calculates marriage or marriage for love


A large number of people's horoscope shows that a better and more stable marriage for them and their children would be a marriage of convenience, but when they find out about it, they feel upset at first, without even understanding the nature of this relationship. A marriage of convenience is neither prostitution nor marrying an unequal partner, as most people think, and such a situation does not necessarily mean that there will be no happiness, no love, no support in life. It's just a different model and by no means worse.

Relationships and childbirth

Astrologers often underestimate the birth of a child and its impact on the parents and the entire family as a whole. It should be noted that the horoscope of an unborn child affects parents already in the last trimester, and the influence is even greater with the moment of birth. It is for this reason that this phase of life should be planned carefully.
It is also important to give the child a name according to the horoscope at the time of his birth.



Change of partner

When conducting a consultation, I can very often describe the relationship with both the first and the second partner, even without looking at the other person's horoscope. This means that if a person changes his partner once again, he will change the external form (picture) of the cause, but will not make even a little progress in the matter of knowing the relationship and solving the problem of the cause - in his own consciousness. I already described the problems by looking at a person's horoscope and not a partner's, so everyone should start working with themselves first and how much they allow or demand from their partner.

Relations with relatives


This is the fixed karma, where you have to accept the situation as a fact and relatives as the best teachers to understand yourself, mother and father. If there is love and warm feelings between you, which are superior to money problems, then you are really lucky.

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