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Astrological forecast for 2018 year

for each horoscope sign


2018 horoscope


Another new year is here and the year 2018 is interesting in that several astrological events took place right before the beginning of this year, which will have a strong impact on the whole year:
- Saturn entered the constellation of Dhanu or Sagittarius on October 26 and will be there until January 24, 2020.

- Karmic planets Rahu and Ketu changed their position on September 9 and will be in this position until March 23, 2019.
- Guru Or Jupiter will change his position on October 12 this year when he will enter Vrishik or Scorpio constellation.


Saturn seems to many to be bad and bring misfortune, but he is only a "direct teacher of reality" without emotions, which  "brings back" to "classical values" (those values that allow the family to continue its existence ) that have been tested for centuries and will be relevant even today. Most of us have run too far away from ourselves and now will be the time to go back, analyze the mistakes of the past and adjust the perspective of the future. Yes, that's right - this will be the time to start looking for answers within yourself and will be able to minimally blame others for your failures. This will be the time when many will respect us as we really are and the illusory "masks" will fall. Of course, for some it will be a tragedy, but for others it will be liberation.


Surely, someone will start reading and think - oh no, no Saturn has been in Sagittarius for quite some time and now he is in "Aries" (from December 20). Then I will introduce a small explanation here - in Vedic astrology, we use a different data analysis system, which differs by 23.5 degrees. However, no matter how someone calculates, it does not have to be different from what actually happens to a person in life.


For those who do not know their ACTUAL horoscope in Vedic astrology, I have prepared a small guide for you to make it easier for you to find your zodiac sign. So I will start with several sections

Timing by months and zodiacs - the direct time of the onset of the Zodiac:
Example 1 - a person born in February at 12:00 according to the direct horoscope meets Taurus. But another person was born on the same day, but only at 22:00 will be a Virgo.

Example 2- A person was born in January at 20:15 and in September at 8:00, then he will be a Leo according to the direct horoscope.
1) 12:10 2) 10:10 3) 08:20 4) 07:20 5) 05:20 6) 03:20 7) 01:20  8) 23:15 9) 21:10 10) 19:14 11) 16:10 12) 14:15
1) 13:00 2) 11:00 3) 09:00 4) 08:10 5) 06:00 6) 04:00 7) 02:21  8) 00:10 9) 22:00 10) 20:00 11) 17:00 12) 15:00


1) 14:30  2) 12:30 3) 10:30 4) 09:30 5) 07:40 6) 05:30 7) 03:30 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 01:30 9) 23:30 10) 21:30 11) 18:30 12) 16:30


1) 17:00  2) 15:00 3) 13:00 4) 12:00 5) 10:00 6) 08:00 7) 06:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 04:00 9) 02:00 10) 00:00 11) 21:00 12) 19:00

1) 20:00  2) 18:00 3) 16:00 4) 15:00 5) 13:00 6) 11:00 7) 09:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 07:00 9) 05:00 10) 03:00 11) 00:00 12) 22:00
1) 23:00  2) 21:00 3) 19:10 4) 18:00 5) 16:10 6) 14:10 7) 12:10 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 10:10 9) 08:00 10) 06:00 11) 03:10 12) 01:10

1) 02:10  2) 00:10 3) 22:15 4) 21:10 5) 19:15 6) 17:15 7) 15:15 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 13:10 9) 11:10 10) 09:10 11) 06:15 12) 04:10


1) 05:15  2) 03:10 3) 01:20 4) 00:20 5) 22:20 6) 20:15 7) 18:20 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 16:20 9) 14:15 10) 21:20 11) 00:20 12) 07:20


1) 08:00  2) 06:00 3) 04:10 4) 03:10 5) 01:10 6) 23:00 7) 21:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 19:00 9) 17:00 10) 15:00 11) 12:10 12) 10:00


1) 10:00  2) 07:00 3) 06:00 4) 05:00 5) 03:00 6) 01:00 7) 23:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 21:00 9) 19:00 10) 17:00 11) 14:00 12) 12:00


1) 11:00  2) 8:50 3) 07:00 4) 06:00 5) 04:00 6) 02:00 7) 00:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 22:00 9) 20:00 10) 18:00 11) 15:00 12) 13:00

1) 11:30  2) 9:30 3) 07:40 4) 06:40 5) 04:40 6) 02:40 7) 00:40 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 22:40 9) 20:40 10) 18:40 11) 15:40 12) 13:40


Further continuation with predictions.

I recommend reading a separate specialized article about the trends of the year as a whole here


Aries or Ashwini-
Saturn in 9th house, Rahu in 4th house and Guru in 7th house.


Aries are also often like "Pioneers" in astrology - they are always ahead and never listen to advice until they hit the wall of limitations. Then, this year will be interesting for you because many of you will begin a feedback loop of the past, where what was previously planted will now come back successfully, because Saturn in the 9th house knows how to fulfill its tasks well. For some this is bliss and for others a curse, but nothing but what has been planned will happen. For many, this will be the time of testing the acquired knowledge, which means in practice, if it is revealed that the current level of education and knowledge is not enough to continue working and earning, then you will have to start studying. Learning in this case will not be just a formality, but a school of practical knowledge.

Many will have new changes in family life and the existing rhythm in family life will be changed - repairs will be made, new apartments will be bought, you will move to a new house, you will change your car (both voluntarily and forcibly), the second or third child may enter the family, etc. In the first half of the year, you should be careful about health-related issues and especially if it will be related to the digestive tract, liver and breast region for women. In this year, you will be forced to organize (introduce order) the sphere of life called relationships - both private and business, because your own honesty towards partners, ability to play by the same "rules", ability to agree, etc. all kinds of legal cases in all kinds of relationships, because you will not "put it on the table" in court with an oral agreement, but you can. For those who have been in a relationship for a long time, they will want (even under duress) to arrange everything legally correctly.

This will not be the most successful time in your career, therefore, if you are tired of your current job, then it is not recommended to go to the "unemployed" and only then think about what to start, because you may end up spending a longer time without work than you planned at the beginning.



Bull or Vrishabha

Saturn in the 8th house, Rahu in the 3rd house, Guru in the 6th house.


This year will be a year of mysticism and unexpected turns and transformations for you (it will not be like it was before)  a year when many people will suddenly change their views on life, search for the true values of life, sudden changes in leadership will find new life authorities and of course there will be sudden changes in work and career. In a career, these changes could be compared to the transition from the 4th to the 5th grade, when the school is still the same, the subjects are the same, but the organization and process of learning is completely different and much, much more independent (transformation). Those who cannot adapt will be thrown to the sidelines of life for a longer time, but those who are more "flexible" in their awareness of changes in life will reach unprecedented career heights. Please do not entrust your bosses (not company owners) with private problems, because all these facts can be used against you when you have to be fired or additionally "exploited", this combination also applies to discussing the bosses' wallets with colleagues, because you are sure that your thoughts along with "embellishments" will be transferred to the recipient.

The possibility of disputes (internal dissatisfaction) with younger relatives or neighbors is almost guaranteed, so special patience, the ability to see the "hidden" and the ability to introduce new ways of communication will be needed. In addition to all this, you can plan short trips in advance to take a breather from life situations where you will not be able to change anything.

If you are in debt or someone is in debt to you, then complications are expected here too, especially if you loaned money to someone on "good faith" and there are no signed obligations. Friendship is a good thing, but it is not recommended to destroy it with "loans", but also the choice in life: friendship or money brings interesting conclusions.





Twin or Mithuna

Saturn in the 7th, Rahu in the 2nd and Guru in the 5th house.


This is the year of real reality relationships, so whatever happened was bound to happen. Many people will have a cold relationship and they will have to understand that they are the makers of their own happiness in the relationship and that the partner is not a telepath, both in relation to others and in relation to YOU, and he does not read your or others' thoughts. So - if you learn to say, you will get something, if you don't learn to say, then torture yourself with expectations. Discipline in relationships (both in the business and private spheres) will have a special role, because this is where your own attitude towards yourself will be manifested and you will be shown what you deserve. It will be more difficult for dreamers, because they will be shown their real opportunities and capabilities in relationships, as well as show (in light) why the partner is (or was) with you in reality, but there is no need to worry here either, because those who underestimated themselves will get the right one rating, but I wish the others to take soft parachutes of dreams.

Those who will be deceived, please note that here the deceiver will want to jump "higher" (in terms of social importance) than he is in reality and such illusions always bring a hard landing.

When Jupiter or Guru is in the 5th house, it will bring education, creativity and creativity, knowledge of life will be your second "I", new plans, new ideas, creative solutions, new education, a new approach to what you have been doing for a long time, conducting research and huge data processing will be this year's challenges. Yes, that's why the feeling is that the old must be left behind and it's time for something new for you. Taurus children may have problems in learning, so strict discipline must be followed, and their disobedience to elders as authorities will be stronger than usual (they will be very stubborn).

In business, there will be opportunities to focus on new projects or new business areas (old projects will be raised), while others will simply change jobs in order to improve themselves better. Don't be afraid of new challenges and projects that others can't handle - choosing a good advisor, discipline and persistence will bring results.

The next year can also lead to "fatal meetings", which, when analyzed later, you will not see the logical regularities and simply call it fate, the arrival of these people will play an important role in your life. Of course, after the fateful meeting, many will have a real continuation - children, then decide for yourself in time whether the relevant partner can be the child's father.

For those who are overweight or those who simply want to improve their health, it will be a very good time to start a proper Diet (eating regime), but of course such decisions should be made based not on a "magazine article" but after visiting a specialist. All in all, a real and successful year.



Cancer or Karkata

Saturn in the 6th house, Rahu in the 1st house and Guru in the 4th house.


A year of self-searching, when you will doubt everything, be dissatisfied and look for "cockroaches" where they are not. A lot of time will be spent in relationship analyses, where you will have to unravel many complex situations where the biggest motive will be fear and control. Yes, for many of you, old relationships will end and what has been hidden for years will come out, and the saddest thing will be that the people around you already knew everything, but you were the last to know.

This lonely year will be a very good time to gain knowledge about life, because this is exactly the task of this year. So, if you study willingly, then you may not send those around you away, but if you stubbornly do not learn what life teaches, then there is also a compulsory course of learning material.

Ideal time for measures to improve living space, purchase of a new house. Those who are outside of Latvia, be prepared that there will be business (events) that will have to be handled here or you will be forced to handle these things. Those who have outdated cars will want something newer and will have opportunities to realize it (just don't take too optimistic loans). Many will make repairs in apartments or simply replace old furniture. Those who haven't been able to sell their real estate for a long time - this year will be a good time, but be as honest as possible when selling. The amount of work will increase for the partners, but they need someone to help cover the costs ;) and while he is not around, the time can be filled with the educational process. If you decide to lift, choose a route where you will gain a lot of new knowledge.


Lion or Simha

Saturn in the 5th house, Rahu in the 12th and Guru in the 3rd house.

Leos have become more direct, more precise, more disciplined, and many will think that their creative openness and joy of life has disappeared, but that will not be the case. In their life, a lot will be grounded, they will tend to make serious and long-term life decisions, they will start preparing for creative activities and leave improvisation as an option rather than a basic thing.

In future planning, it is recommended to use estimates and calculations that are already "critically circumcised".

Communication with older children and their partnerships will intensify, so Leo dads will need extra strength and time to help deal with these issues. If there are older relatives, then they may have strong relationship problems (a strong event) in which they will have to give advice or a helping hand, the same is possible with friends.

Those who study in higher educational institutions - with maximum discipline and respect for the old teachers, even if you do not agree with their opinion.

You will have to take the leading role in relational matters, because the partner's total income will decrease, and you may also have to pay the partner's losses. For women, this will be a more complicated situation, because suddenly your partner will want to manipulate you financially, forgetting that putting pressure on you has NEVER succeeded and will never succeed, because you always have to negotiate everything (if you talk, then negotiate).

It is easy to assume that you will want to teach everyone and always give your advice, but take into account that most people only want to learn from their mistakes, even though they say the exact opposite. That is why detailed advice is given only to those who have turned to you with a question.

It is good to be alone from time to time and recharge the "batteries" so that it is easier to become creative at work - walks and runs in the forest, the gym, a walk by the sea, etc.

When spending money, be careful with luxury goods, but for a while the funniest recommendation was for Leos (Simhas) :D :D :D

In general, a good and successful year, which tends to long-term development, so use this time productively.



Virgo or Kanya

Saturn in the 4th, Rahu in the 11th and Guru in the 2nd house.

The big time of reality in the family and everything related to mom, real estate and cars, but with everything that will happen, life will give you very interesting creative ways to get out of all the troubles. In all the above-mentioned spheres, there will be a time of restrictions, rearrangements and changes in the structure of relationships, which for some will mean living alone without mom, for others helping mom after the birth of a child, for others, the car will simply break down and mom will help with finances to buy a new car without loans. In addition, this is a very good time to make repairs in the apartment yourself. The total family income will increase.

Be ready to add big influential and famous people to your circle of acquaintances, but if you make a deal with them, your name and reputation will be more important than the contract you sign. Big partners will pay you for solving the problem - The better you solve the problem, the better your status and influence will be. You have to be VERY careful with your friends or what you consider to be your friends all year round.

It is recommended to start longer training sessions to improve health, so both yoga classes and a visit to the gym (recommended accompanied by a trainer) can be good.

This is a good year in terms of income, but don't let your kindness get too much, otherwise much of what you've earned will fade away like fog when it sees the warm rays of the sun. Many will have a bigger appetite than usual and especially for sweets, but the feeling of happiness and stability will come through the creation of financial savings.

You will talk to those around you more diplomatically than usual and try to resolve conflicts through negotiation, and the best thing is that you will succeed (solving everything slowly and patiently).


Libra or Tula

Saturn in the 3rd, Rahu in the 10th and Guru in the 1st house.


Time to improve health, find and organize yourself, settle legal matters, and exercise your free will. This year is generally successful for you and you will not be allowed to complain, despite the fact that the feeling of loneliness will be regular, this time is intended for organizing yourself and catching the boomerang of karma (you must reap what was "made up" in the previous 12 years). Those who have done good things will be raised in status, but those who have not done very good things will experience a drop in status (the karmic clock is ticking).

In terms of health, many people will have to sweat harder in the literal sense, because this year weight problems will be more pressing than usual (most of them will be overweight, but the other extreme will also happen). Don't get carried away with self-pity and sacrificing for others, because in any case, no one will really appreciate it, and in fact it will be unnecessary. We humans love and strive for the strong, so be like that.

Many will have children this year (especially the second) or will have an addition to the family (grandchildren), so you will also have to reassess your life priorities if you don't want life's surprises. If you are in a long-term relationship, then under no circumstances start a "parallel relationship" at work, because it will bring serious health problems that will need to be treated for years. A great time of acquiring knowledge, where the knowledge about life will have to be put into practice.

In general, a successful year, especially for those with strong willpower - you will be able to accomplish a lot. Those who are not lucky to have a Father or a mentor (Guru) in life, you may meet one this year, but remember that at first you will want and will do everything to prove that your mentor is an "idiot" and that there are no wise exceptions. This defensive reaction will be to the reluctance to admit your typical mistake, because you will think that your situation is hyper unique and that gaining knowledge in one sphere will change your whole outlook on life and belief in something in general.

If you have pending questions related to jurisprudence, then this year is the time to put everything in order, and all kinds of questions related to documents and reading books are also good. Some of you will be good at speculating (but you should also look at the direct horoscope here).

Women who are married will have to resolve status issues with their husbands and some will have to recognize the superiority of their husbands in certain matters (although many will not like it).

Communication with relatives (especially brothers and sisters) will be direct, concrete and will often seem restrictive, so do not expect great sensitivity and express your wishes as directly and without ambiguity as possible.   


Scorpio or Vrishika

Saturn 2nd house, Rahu –9 and Guru – 12th house.


A big cycle closing time, when many life issues will simply need to be sorted out, concluded and conclusions drawn. However, there will be regular problems with drawing conclusions, because you will have to dig inside yourself and find the hidden resources, which of course are also hidden there. Yes, various trips outside the country are very possible and recommended, especially if they are related to the acquisition of new knowledge or charity. Many of you will also sort out your spiritual life and religious emphasis, which means that you will decide which "path" you will eventually follow, participate in a pilgrimage or visit a holy place. Those who will be particularly stubborn and will learn only from the teacher of the whip (Saturn) may end up in restricted places by force - hospitals, prisons, educational institutions, etc. as a result of which we will have to face the insignificance of the material world.

We pay special attention to children's health and their diet, and we expect that there will be additional losses related to children. You have to watch out for the back of the neck, the back of the ankles and the back  injuries, because the treatment will be more complicated than you think.

Donating money to spiritual causes and charity should be done with caution, as emotional spending is usually higher than initially planned, which is due to incorrect internal motivation. You should help someone if he asks for help and you can help, not if you are tormented by your conscience for wrong actions in another sphere of life and now help even if he does not ask you. The secret you feel guilty about will still come out and be exposed by your enemies. But such truth can lead to strong spirituality.

We are very careful with taking large loans and realism is always better than optimism. In matters of food, simplicity and systematicity were recommended - do not eat too late and choose good food, not something "fast". DO NOT LIE when communicating with others, if you don't want to answer a question, say so or avoid the answer, but lying is definitely not recommended because the blow to your reputation will be even greater. In case of honesty, reputation, income and value will grow in a certain circle of persons  (closed group).
Seeing your rise, "long-forgotten" acquaintances or "mystical" new acquaintances will appear, who will want to bask in the sunshine of good luck with you. A true friend is the one with whom you want to be friends without wanting anything materially from him, but who will do everything to gain common knowledge and keep each other in a state of maximum adequacy (will help to see each other's mistakes and analyze them). 

Overall a very successful year especially at the end of the year.



Sagittarius or Dhanu

Saturn 1st house, Rahu –8 and Guru – 11th house.


A year of discipline, order, deadlines, old cases, systems and communication with the state. Therefore, you will have to pay special attention to all the above issues, because all these things will be checked in practice and in case of mistakes, it will "pain". When driving a car or any other vehicle, you will have to respect the laws of physics and remember that positive thinking does not apply to them and the result will be natural.

Those who are older than 27, but perceive life as a "game" may have to grow rapidly in understanding how to prioritize in life in order to achieve a goal. For those who have children who go to school, be prepared to increase control over homework and practice attendance and do not push this task onto your partner.

Those people who tend to get stuck in a life role in their relationship with their partner – the role of mother (only the children in their head and the husband only the "caretaker"), the role of a lover, the role of a mother (you are the mistress of his subordinate) this year will have to change all these roles and put things together. shelves". It can be especially difficult for those in the relationship where the woman is older and the man is younger, because the leadership position will be "challenged".

 You will gain wide recognition and recognition at work or you will do everything to get it, part of you will have to protect your status. During this time, you will have to find out who a real friend is and how friendship is actually tested. Communication with colleagues and superiors will increase strongly, especially if new responsibilities are assumed, and even more so if these responsibilities are related to foreign countries. You should beware of "behind the scenes" intrigues that will try to defame you in the eyes of others, to avoid this it is highly recommended to record everything you have done or spent so that you can answer the necessary questions if necessary.

One of this year's biggest challenges will be to be here and now, in the market where you are and not recommend dreaming about the "shores of a distant market", which is just waiting for you to leave and "suck", or in other words - better an acorn in your hand than a hunter in a tree and while you have not understood the system, how to solve other people's problems, do not dig deeper by taking business loans. You will understand that there are no miracles in work and business... well, there really aren't - it's just your great professionalism combined with knowledge of people and their motivation.   

Everything new is well forgotten old.

All in all, a very successful year, nerves aside.


Capricorn or Makara

Saturn 12th house, Rahu –7 and Guru – 10th house.


A year of stuckness and limited opportunities, interspersed with inner loneliness and incomprehension. In the best case, this will be a time of longer travel where income will be better obtained from abroad or foreigners (people from a different cultural environment). Thoughts about the purpose and meaning of life will be greater than usual, therefore foreign trips in search of spirituality or truth will be very possible - a trip to Aglona, Indian temples or Israel at the holy wall will not matter. There will also be those who will start their "daily" journey through nature, where during the walk you will try to organize your life and reach your life goals. The existing value system in life will be subjected to the "burden of verification" and the "test" of conformity in the daily life of this age. Very likely, you will come to the realization that what you believed in for a long time (wanted to believe) will turn out to be a mirage and an illusion, but what was in front of your eyes turned out to be neglected, which needs to be addressed urgently.
Those who have believed all their life that what they think is what everyone around them should think and that is the truth will start listening to others, but those who have listened to others all their life will start teaching others believing that they have finally found the truth and it is the only and real one. The search for justice will be unsuccessful this year, because the knowledge about it is deeper than initially thought.

There will be a whole row that will also find their way in politics - they will participate in elections, discuss the meaning of politics, politicians' real ability and unwillingness to do something, morality and the absence of morality, etc. Especially stubborn people should be careful, because you can come to the real knowledge about why someone comes to power and others don't (you will get to know the Feudal psychotype), but what will you do with this knowledge, because alcohol will not help you forget it! Therefore, carefully evaluate the need for a "journey", because the energy it gives us is not infinite. Before helping someone, carefully evaluate whether help is necessary at all and also if it concerns close relatives.

 You will ask a lot of questions about who you are, why you can't get what you want, why the grass is always greener than where you are not, because in general there will be a time of restrictions and tension, but for those who will be over 36 years old, the answers to these questions will get better, the rest will have to find a good advisor.



Aquarius or Kumha

Saturn 11th house, Rahu –6 and Guru – 9th house.


Both this year and the next one will really be a small "blessing" from Saturn's side and will bring really good results from all sides, because being in the 11th house is the best possible position for Saturn.

For this year and the next, the saying: "Discipline sets you free and laziness captures" is the key to your success and yours, especially in all things related to teamwork. A good astrological time does not mean a vacation, but a time of harvest, the time of rest and losses will begin in 2 years (you will be in time ;) ). This will be the time when you will be given the result of your awareness of how good a friend you are and how well you know how to choose your friends, which means that you may have to "expose" an impostor who pretends to be what he is not and never was. If such a situation happens, then you have to ask yourself the big question - WHY did you not recognize him in time and which of your family is also a prankster and not a real friend (Lat - ciņu biedrs, Engl - comrade, Rus - товарищ). this same position also indicates the possibility of "unmasking" the internal pest that prevents the achievement of goals by sabotaging the overall event (just don't be surprised by the results ;) ).

For those who are in business, the number of cooperation partners will increase impressively, especially if you use the "system" and precise knowledge in their selection (which ones - you have to look at individually). When the number of partners increases, the amount of "circulating" funds also increases automatically, but here I say right away - don't pull out the big money right away and build up your own capacity so that you can operate with the funds if all kinds of delays arise for reasons other than yours.

Pay special attention to working with the law and keeping documents in order, so don't waste your money on good lawyers and experienced legal experts, because the stingy will pay three times.

In order to maintain maximum efficiency, it is recommended to develop maximum simplicity in yourself (Engl - modesty, Rus - примерность) and not to waste time and resources on all kinds of external status things, starting with clothes and ending with houses and yachts (regardless of status). Financial independence is not in zeros, but in the awareness and ability to deal freely with one's resources. Bosses will have to make a "choice" between instinct (in the form of Apsara) and real knowledge of power, which will come through the test in the form of a real event, but those who have been bosses for a long time can start taking a "pupil" for themselves and rise to the next stage of development themselves.  

In terms of health, this year you have to be very careful of knee and bone injuries, which means that you have to warm up as much as you need when playing sports and you need to wear appropriate shoes when walking on a slippery road.

Honesty and the luck of being in the right place at the right time will be VERY related.



Fish or Mina

Saturn 10th house, Rahu –5 and Guru – 8th house.


Here we have also come to the conclusion and we must say that this year the fish are going through a transformation phase already from the late autumn of 2017 and will continue until September of this year. During this time, many things will be changed regarding the status in the outside world (at work, etc.), where many things will have to be learned anew (relearned, because it was taught incorrectly at the beginning) and an absolutely clear system must be implemented to achieve the set goals. So, for violations of the "system", or so to say, her absence, you will have to pay a higher price than usual. On the other hand, in order not to "fall into" these traps, you will have to listen carefully to yourself and those around you and be aware of the limits of your (including your partners') abilities, so as not to take on too much, which would be followed by a natural failure.
Maximize communication with your father or teacher (Guru), because with his help you can reach a new level of knowledge and power through hard and systematic work. For example, if the child is a fish according to the direct horoscope or the location of the moon, his studies for the next two years will be more effective if he studies with his father or Guru.
In the next two years, you will have to work hard in your career to gain status, knowledge, skills and abilities, which will then be relatively easy to maintain, for example, if you study a language hard now, the real big progress will be in two years, after which a real breakthrough will follow, but if you are lazy now , then after two years everything will have to be "repaired and recovered". Of course, working so hard will bring problems in private life, but it will not be possible to get everything at once and there will be problems in private life.

A whole series of sudden changes are also possible this year, which will change the usual course of life, so be open to new challenges. Old secrets will be "opened" to some of you or friends will start sharing information that they previously hid or did not want to tell, so be good and prove that you are a worthy keeper of secrets.
Overall a successful year.



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