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2017  can be called a particularly complicated "knotting" year, or Gandanta year (probably after this year, many will know what a "particularly complicated karmic knot" is :D :D :D ).

Taisot  The forecast for 2017 should already be noted that this will really be a time full of stressful events, so you should learn about global affairs in time, so that when you have to solve individual problems, you will have enough strength for yourself and your loved ones for people. The notional culprit of this tension will be Saturn or Shani (Sanskrit name) entering Sagittarius or Dhanu (Sanskrit name) on January 26th and staying there until June 21st when it will re-enter Scorpio or Vrishik (Sanskrit name) and re-enter Sagittarius or Dhanu on October 27th. Several times Shani will be at the Gandanta point (in particularly difficult karmic nodes) and will make these situations work out, which means that all astrologers will also have to "deal with particularly difficult cases" and solving these situations will be like getting a new education.
Saturn seems to many to be bad and unlucky, but he is only a "stern teacher of reality" who  "brings back" to "classical values" (those values that allow the family to continue its existence) which tested for centuries and will be relevant even today, because in reality humanity has not run far away from itself. We have all run too far away from ourselves and now it will be time to turn back. Yes, that's right - this will be the time to start looking for answers within yourself and will be able to minimally blame others for your failures. This will be the time when many will notice us as we really are and the illusory "masks" will fall. Of course, for some it will be a tragedy, but for others it will be liberation. Such a trend clearly indicates that there will be "broad" changes in politics, because that's where people wear all kinds of masks with all kinds of goals. That is why people who want to enter politics should be VERY well aware of the real purpose of why they are going there, because when you are in the spotlight and someone "pulls off the mask" - it will be too late. Most of all, the torn mask will surprise him, because many people will have underestimated themselves.

Surely, someone will start reading and think - oh, oh, oh, Saturn has been in Sagittarius for a long time and what other transitions and knots are there. Then I will introduce a small explanation here - in spiritual astrology we use a different data analysis system, which differs by 23.5 degrees. The transition between the zodiacs at 3.5 degrees at the end of the water-ruled constellation and 3.5 degrees at the beginning of the fire constellation is considered a karmic node or Gandanta point. In nature, we observe such a "transformation" point well in a smithy (forge), when heated iron is actively forged and it is tempered too quickly in water. Yes, such rapid consciousness-shattering changes will be in our lives this year.
Yes, in addition to that, Rahu will also change its location on September 9 this year and will be in Karkat (Vēzītī) for the next 1.5 years. Currently, Rahu is in Manghā nakshsatra, which means that "questions" about status, family, future plans, children, development of consciousness, etc., need to be sorted out right now. The karmic planet in Karkat will maximally spread the outburst of the people and revolutionaryism on a very large scale.

Therefore, it should be expected that the pushers of the "Fake Nation" will increase, who will understand the people's wishes well and engage in populism, but as always those who tell the "real things"  the majority will not pay attention until it is already too late for many (that's why I am glad that you are familiar with all this now).

In addition to this, on September 12, Guru or Jupiter will enter the sign of Libra, which means that all kinds of partnerships will be scared from year to year:
- Private life
- Employer-employee relations
- Business environment
- Real cooperation between countries (a very big test for the EU).

It must be said that at first things will even seem better than they actually will be, because Guru will be in Chitra nakshatra until October 14, which usually makes everything look better than it really is or indicates that beautiful things are mostly NOT practical, but practical things are therefore practical that beauty does not require.

This astrological forecast is prepared for the zodiac signs and what awaits them in 2017 

How can you determine your direct horoscope?

Kanother person can be born in all zodiac signs in one day, so I made a rough table to be able to determine my own and my loved one's direct horoscopes (the first reference points or Lagnas, which in classical astrology are called Ascendants).

Months are denoted by numbers: 1 - January, 4 - April, bb5cc-789-789-December, etc. -136bad5cf58d_The indicated time at the month mark is the moment when the direct action of the horoscope approximately begins. To be clearer, I will mention three examples:

Example 1 – A person was born in January at 20:15 and in September at 8:00, then he will be a Leo according to the direct horoscope.

Example 2 - a person born in February at 12:00 pm according to the direct horoscope will be a Taurus, but another person born on the same day, but only at 10:00 pm, will be a Virgo.

Example 3 - a person born in August  23:30 will be an Aries, but born at 00:25 will be a Taurus.

1) 12:10 2) 10:10 3) 08:20 4) 07:20 5) 05:20 6) 03:20 7) 01:20  8) 23:15 9) 21:10 10) 19:14 11) 16:10 12) 14:15
1) 13:00 2) 11:00 3) 09:00 4) 08:10 5) 06:00 6) 04:00 7) 02:21  8) 00:10 9) 22:00 10) 20:00 11) 17:00 12) 15:00


1) 14:30  2) 12:30 3) 10:30 4) 09:30 5) 07:40 6) 05:30 7) 03:30 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 01:30 9) 23:30 10) 21:30 11) 18:30 12) 16:30


1) 17:00  2) 15:00 3) 13:00 4) 12:00 5) 10:00 6) 08:00 7) 06:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 04:00 9) 02:00 10) 00:00 11) 21:00 12) 19:00

1) 20:00  2) 18:00 3) 16:00 4) 15:00 5) 13:00 6) 11:00 7) 09:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 07:00 9) 05:00 10) 03:00 11) 00:00 12) 22:00
1) 23:00  2) 21:00 3) 19:10 4) 18:00 5) 16:10 6) 14:10 7) 12:10 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 10:10 9) 08:00 10) 06:00 11) 03:10 12) 01:10

1) 02:10  2) 00:10 3) 22:15 4) 21:10 5) 19:15 6) 17:15 7) 15:15 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 13:10 9) 11:10 10) 09:10 11) 06:15 12) 04:10


1) 05:15  2) 03:10 3) 01:20 4) 00:20 5) 22:20 6) 20:15 7) 18:20 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 16:20 9) 14:15 10) 21:20 11) 00:20 12) 07:20


1) 08:00  2) 06:00 3) 04:10 4) 03:10 5) 01:10 6) 23:00 7) 21:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 19:00 9) 17:00 10) 15:00 11) 12:10 12) 10:00


1) 10:00  2) 07:00 3) 06:00 4) 05:00 5) 03:00 6) 01:00 7) 23:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 21:00 9) 19:00 10) 17:00 11) 14:00 12) 12:00


1) 11:00  2) 8:50 3) 07:00 4) 06:00 5) 04:00 6) 02:00 7) 00:00 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 22:00 9) 20:00 10) 18:00 11) 15:00 12) 13:00

1) 11:30  2) 9:30 3) 07:40 4) 06:40 5) 04:40 6) 02:40 7) 00:40 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_8) 22:40 9) 20:40 10) 18:40 11) 15:40 12) 13:40


Continued with a forecast for each horoscope sign.




Satun 8th and 9th house, Rahu – 5th and 4th house, Guru – 6th and 7th house.

The presence of the Guru in Virgo will determine that this will be a time of intense struggle, when you will need to prove yourself anew, both in the work sphere and in the private sphere, so proving your position and protecting your place will take a lot of time. You don't have to avoid the fight, you just have to know why you are fighting and what you will do when you win, improvements in relationships start after "drawing the lines" and you don't always need to break up, if we look deep into the depths of the EGO, then we will see our fault in what happened.

It is VERY important to pay attention to health and a proper daily routine, because if you gain excess weight this year, you will have to fight with it for a long time.

Of course, there are no friends at work and there won't be, because I am stubborn and stubborn - there will only be a job well done, for which you will of course want to hear compliments and recognition. In the workplace, the best criterion when communicating with others is maximum professionalism, during this time you will also have to deal with non-standard situations (such as others have not been able to solve), solve various conflicts or simply have a lot of work with foreigners. If the most difficult tasks are entrusted to you - congratulations, because it will be a compliment.
All kinds of legal documents will have to be arranged and knowledge of the law will be very important, so arm yourself with patience and educate yourself.
During this time, you can either get rid of your debts completely (part of them can apply for bankruptcy and sort out this issue) or you will get a successful loan at this time. 
Rahu brings corrections that additional attention should be paid to children, future plans and the deepest layers of your consciousness, and if you do not do this, then be prepared for psychosomatic diseases, inexplicable nervous tension and problems with children.

This year, it is not recommended to "count" other people's money, as well as to discuss others, because if you judge others, you will have to "justify yourself". Be prepared that life will try to push you down the "classic" spiritual path.




Satun 7th and 8th house, Rahu – 4th and 3rd house, Guru – 5th and 6th house.


When Guru is in the 5th house, you will realize that education, creativity and innovation, knowledge of life will be your other "I", new plans, new ideas, creative solutions, new education, a new approach to what you have been doing for a long time, conducting research and huge data processing will be this year's challenges. Yes, that's why the feeling is that the old must be left behind and it's time for something new for you. Taurus children may have problems in learning, so strict discipline should be followed.

In business, there will be opportunities to focus on new projects or new business areas (old projects will be raised), while others will simply change jobs in order to improve themselves better. Therefore, for those employers who have bulls under their command, please take care of raising their qualifications and further education. Don't be afraid of new challenges and projects that others can't handle - choosing a good advisor, discipline and perseverance will bring results. An integral part of your life will be your heightened intuition - rely on it (don't confuse it with your imagined fantasies). The next year can also lead to "fatal meetings", which, when analyzed further, you will not see the logical regularities and simply call it fate, the arrival of these people will play an important role in your life.

A very good time for charity and especially that related to children and helping those who cannot help themselves. Of course, great creativity will bring with it a lot of   fantasy about the future, romance or new romantic relationships will take your mind too far from work, and it will be difficult to concentrate.

For those who can, there is a "risk" of having children.

What was not in order in your existing relationship - you will have to put everything in order so that after 2.5 years (Guru in the 7th and 8th bh) you do not lose them. If you think of cheating on your other half, then there is a big risk that you will be caught, and this is also the time when previous cheating relationships can come to light. 

Many friends will show their true nature - you can put them in a category: a true friend who helps you see reality or a friend who is by your side in "good times", but will not help you see real answers to real life situations. Be careful when choosing friends and don't confuse bines with friendship. Already lend money, then be ready to give it as a gift.
In the first half of the year, there may be dissatisfaction with living conditions and the situation in the family, but you will not be able to change anything right away. It will be recommended to become the biggest "financial provider" in the family, because the partner will regularly have problems with finances.





Satun 6th and 7th house, Rahu – 3rd and 2nd house, Guru – 4th and 5th house.


Well, what needs to be improved in the family, health and attitude towards life, because a positive attitude will be more important this year than ever, and it is also time to improve living conditions both at home and in the office, so moving to better and bigger areas or buying new properties is the best time. Traveling abroad is recommended by car, so be prepared to do a lot of work outside the office. However, it is recommended to introduce "minimalism" and "classicism" trends in the office. 
I will also want to improve the situation of the car, but before that, check that there is no engine defect (Guru's aspect), it has not been hit (Satusns 6jaja). 
The relationship with mom will begin to clarify and strengthen (not always for the better), special attention will have to be paid to mom in terms of health. This year, it is not recommended to discuss work problems at home.

You should VERY much think about the usefulness of disputes this year, because there is a risk of getting into a "Sisyphus victory" relationship, and as a result, both of you will not be very happy.

Please plan your trips in the first half of the year, because in the second half it will be recommended to make savings.




Satun 5th and 6th house, Rahu – 2nd and 1st house, Guru – 3rd and 4th house.

To sort out family and financial issues, it is also the right time to sort out your communication style, relations with younger relatives and neighbors, introduce a structural order in your life (everything has its place and its application) and accept that your willpower is equal to the effort you put in. You should be careful of reckless arguments with neighbors and relatives, because there is a very high risk that a fly will be turned into an elephant.

Fight laziness because luck will be on your side, but luck will not discipline you. Remember, success does not last forever and one of the keys to success is the ability to find a good mentor and listen to their advice.

It is recommended to write down all your plans in advance and it is not recommended to tell anything about them before the planned thing is completed. When planning the time schedule for the implementation of the plan - schedule more time for "untimed situations".

To improve the relationship with the other half, it is recommended to take joint trips to nearby foreign countries, attend dance courses and play sports together.

Chronic diseases will make themselves felt, so these things should be dealt with in a timely manner.



Satun 4th and 5th house, Rahu – 1st and 12th house, Guru – 2nd and 3rd house.

The talkative lions will become even more talkative, but the best thing will be that under the appropriate conditions (Saturnian aspects) their speech can even become prophetic and accurate, because it will be based on both theoretical knowledge and practice (yes, necessarily both). This is the year when life will force you to organize your cash flow income system so that you can expand rapidly soon.

You should be extra careful with loans this year and carefully analyze whether you will really need so much. Along with the influx of energy, opportunities and money, we will have to take an exam regarding what we really value in life and on what principles we work. Even those who will not get a loan this year should understand that they are being protected from great suffering.
 When spending money, be careful with luxury goods, but for a while the funniest recommendation was for Lions (Simhas) :D :D :D .
Those who want to sell their business or start a new job, be ready, the new school of life will teach you fast and hard. Many will improve the home living situation. The increase in communication and new challenges will be the best driving force, but if you don't follow what you recommend to others, then be ready to "break away" at the end of the year ;) Of course, mothers always play a strong role in their lives, but this year you can be harsher than usual with them, so those who have sons of Leos - getting ready...




Satun 3rd and 4th house, Rahu – 12th and 11th house, Guru – 1st and 2nd house.

Your year of health and ego and precisely these 2 spheres will be the ones in which you will have to take exams, so be prepared and avoid failure. Of course, the existing astrological situation will bring you luck and the ability to see a solution even in the "darkest situation". No matter how much you achieve and despite all the fact that your competitors envy your achievements, you will always think that it is not enough, if you listen to advice and look back, achieving your goal will be more stable and calmer, but this very thing can be VERY difficult this year, because it will seem that you know everything yourself. .
Be ready to add to your circle of acquaintances with big and famous people, but if you make a deal with them, your name and reputation will be more important than the contract you sign. The big partners will pay you for solving the problem - The better I solve the problem, the better the status and influence will be. This is a time when you can form long-lasting partnerships, but at the end of the year you have to be VERY careful with your friends or those you think are your friends.

It is good to protect yourself against hacker attacks or theft - security or insurance.

It is recommended to start longer training sessions to improve health, so both yoga classes and a visit to the gym (recommended accompanied by a trainer) can be good. Walking on unpaved forest or park paths is ideal for meditation.




Satun 2nd and 3rd house, Rahu – 11th and 10th house, Guru – 12th and 1st house.

It's time to dream and do everything to make your dreams come true. Yes, it is possible that someone will say that it is "unrealistic", it can happen anywhere, just not here, but keep believing in yourself and fulfill your dreams with enormous will power. Yes, very likely, during this time you will be taken "Beyond thirty mountains and seas", which means that there may be a further journey ahead. If you manage to combine the pleasant with the useful - ideal. Of course, this also means that you can live abroad for a while and meet your new life partner there, and if you are already in a relationship, then this trip will improve your relationship and give it new energy. But before going abroad, you should carefully study the laws, traditions and customs of the local country in order not to get into a difficult situation or, in the worst case, even "behind bars" for some time. 
Bed issues in private life will be more relevant than usual and you will have to learn the true role of sex in relationships and life in general. This will be the time when you will realize that the only thing you really need to worry about is who you go to bed with and who you wake up with.
This year, old secrets will be revealed to you or you will create secrets yourself that will have to be kept for years.

It is very good to take care of pets.




Satun 1st and 2nd house, Rahu – 10th and 9th house, Guru – 11th and 12th house.

Remembering the saying about life as a zebra, then it should be said that this is your good "white" time, when your influence will increase, old problems will be solved in your favor, you will increase your friend and announce the window, the boss remembers about the salary increase without a reminder - dreams and wishes will come true. New challenges and the desire to gain new knowledge will appear, or you will want to work harder with everything related to children. Family growth will also be very likely. 
Seeing your rise, "long-forgotten" acquaintances or "mystical" new acquaintances will appear, who will want to bask in the sunshine of good luck with you. But a true friend is the one you want to be friends with without wanting anything from him. 

The existing relationship will have to be improved and corrections introduced so that because of your stubbornness, your partner is not "removed" by someone else, who will give exactly what you were unable or unwilling to give in the relationship. If you take into account the warning - the error correction will be effective. Of course, due to the productive time of this year, the divorce will not seem important at first, but things will change as time goes by.

All in all a very successful year.





Satun 12th and 1st house, Rahu – 9th and 8th house, Guru – 10th and 11th house.


This will be a year when you will not sit at home much and will have to work a lot and go home quickly. You will gain wide recognition and recognition at work or you will do everything to get it, part of you will have to protect your status. Communication with colleagues and superiors will increase strongly, especially if new responsibilities are assumed, and even more so if these responsibilities are related to foreign countries. You should beware of "behind the scenes" intrigues that will try to slander you and slander you in the eyes of others. To avoid this, it is highly recommended to record everything you have done or spent so that you can answer the necessary questions if necessary.

One of this year's biggest challenges will be to be here and now, in the market you are in, and not recommend dreaming about the "distant shores of the kissel", which is just waiting to go and "smel" or other beards - better an acorn in the hand than a hunter in a tree. You will understand that there are no miracles in work and business... well, there really aren't - it's just your great professionalism in solving the problems and needs of other people.   




Satun 11th and 12th house, Rahu – 8th and 7th house, Guru – 9th and 10th house.


Traveling will be more active than usual, especially for work or educational purposes. This year, thoughts about the purpose and meaning of life will be greater than usual, so foreign trips in search of spirituality and truth are very likely. The existing value system in life will be subjected to the "burden of verification" and the "test" of conformity in the daily life of this age. Very likely, you will come to the realization that what you believed in for a long time (wanted to believe) will turn out to be a mirage and an illusion, but what was in front of your eyes turned out to be neglected, which needs to be addressed urgently. The hour of truth for motivation as such and the question - Why did you act exactly like that and not differently has arrived. You will not be able to fool anyone, because you will have to answer for yourself.
Those who have believed all their life that what they think is what everyone around them should think and that is the truth will start listening to others, but those who have listened to others all their life will start teaching others believing that they have finally found the truth and it is the only and real one. Some of you will also find your way into politics.

You will begin to implement new traditions in family life that were not known until now, or you will return to long-forgotten traditions. Those who had neglected their education with which they can earn money in the profession  - will have to pay attention to this issue again and this matter will have to be arranged so that after 2 years the status and finances do not suffer.




Satun 10th and 11th house, Rahu – 7th and 6th house, Guru – 8th and 9th house.


This is a big and good time of transformation (as it was or will not be), when old problems will be sorted out, relations with relatives and family members will be sorted out. Of course, this is also the time when "hidden things" will be dealt with, so if you are an entrepreneur, ensure the security of your data and confidentiality of trade secrets. There is also a high risk of increased checks by the state.

In order to get the information you need and get the answers, you must be ready to "dig" deeper than ever and be ready for unexpected answers. Of course, there will be fear to act like never before, but only by overcoming ourselves do we really overcome life's biggest problems.

An initially unfavorable event will eventually turn out to be positive and even protective. Family support in critical situations will help more than usual.
It is recommended to feed more birds or forest animals in order to improve the connection with nature and nature can save you from difficult life situations with the help of signs. Intuition will be greater than usual, which will allow the part to be in the right place at the right time. Of course, even this combination allows you to win the lottery. 




Satun 9th and 10th house, Rahu – 6th and 5th house, Guru – 7th and 8th house.


There will be a great desire for new relationships or you will have to update the old ones by finding new "points of contact" in the relationship. It is very likely that you will discover a partner from a completely different and even unexpected "point of view". Partners this year will be extraordinarily artistic, foreign, or simply recall "youthful loves" (the ones that once were). There will be a great desire to create new business projects, as a result of which you will meet many interesting and influential contacts that are recommended to be used. In business, fame will go ahead and you will become recognizable, so if you have thought of promoting yourself in an unusual way or expanding especially abroad and on the Internet - This is your time to make yourself recognizable to the masses (be careful not to get into an unwanted scandal).

There will be a great desire to be recognized by those around you, and especially by your other half, if you do not find this recognition in the existing relationship, then there is a very high risk that you will find another or parallel relationship. If you are good at this time, you will become overly jealous in existing relationships and you will be "blowing elephants".

Women will have the idea to use women's "Special Means" to improve their appearance and, in stronger cases, also to perform plastic surgery improvements.


If you still have problems with determining your direct horoscope, then send your data indicating:

- date, month, year of birth

- Time of birth

- Place of birth (city)



Astrological forecast for 2017 year

for each horoscope sign

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